We are very excited to announce our section panel for the prize this year!  Dr Megan Walch, Luke Wagner and Jamin have come aboard to ensure our finest emerging Tasmanian artists are represented at the inaugural Henry Jones exhibition in November.  Being established Tasmanian artists themselves; all three artists have an acute understanding of what it is to be an emerging artist in Tasmania.  They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to contemporary art in this beautiful state that we call home!  We are so lucky to have them and look forward to seeing their shortlist for exhibition.


Above: Meg Walch. Image courtesy of the artist.

Megan is a successful artist both academically and commercially.  Her painting and drawing practice spans over 25 years, with a focus on the tension between figuration and abstraction.  Meg is a Samstag Scholar, an alumnus of the San Fancisco Art Institute, the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture and the Space Program, New York. She has taught at the Victorian College of the Arts, Monash University, The Australian National University’s School of art and the School of Creative Arts, UTAS – gaining a studio-based Doctorate of Philosophy there in 2017.  Meg’s artworks have been in numerous exhibitions and her research interests have developed through undertaking international residencies. Her work is held in contemporary art collections including; Artbank, Monterey Museum and Art Gallery, California, USA, Parliament House Collection, Canberra.  Meg also is a generous teacher, finding time to mentor other artists, be it through the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts or at her own studio.


Above: Luke Wagner. Image courtesy of the artist.

Luke Wagner is a self-taught painter with an interest in Tasmanian Landscapes and social history.  Having spent many years running his

own fine art framing business, Luke yearned to fill the frames with his own creations, so he picked up a book and taught himself how to paint.  Armed with oil paints, beeswax and a pallet knife, Luke intuitively crafts dreamlike scenes of Tasmanian landscapes layered with sentiment. He has been successfully exhibiting locally and nationally since 1994, with many artworks being included in well regarded public and private collections. Luke’s art has also been a finalist in numerous prestigious prizes such as Hadley’s Art Prize, Tattersall’s Art Prize, Mosman, Lloyd Rees and the Glover Art Prize. Luke has insight into the local Hobart art scene through his framing business Wagner Framemakers which he started in 1987 and is also a sponsor of The Henry Jones Art Prize People’s choice this year.


Above: Jamin. Image courtesy of Despard Gallery.

Jamin is a hero of our local street art scene, creating amazing artworks for all to enjoy. Known for his challenging contemporary approaches to visual art, Jamin combines the street styles of stencil, aerosol and graffiti methodologies with experimental approaches to develop works.  His work has been acclaimed through awards, commissions and international residencies, and he retains his commitment to grass-roots community levels of working, where he has worked regularly as a mentor for a cross-section of youth and others interested in extending their interest in street culture.   Jamin has been selected for the inaugural 2018BOAA (Biennale of Australian Art) in Ballarat, and in 2008 was selected for Contemporary Australia: Optimismat the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Brisbane. Jamin is a PhD candidate at the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, where his thesis explores connections between camouflage, the non-human and assemblage theory.

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